Курсы английского языка онлайн

Step-by-step English courses with a virtual teacher. Select your level or goal, watch lessons, practise and take exams.
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Авторские курсы
Авторские курсы
Teacher's Method
Step-by-step English courses with a virtual teacher. Select your level or goal, watch lessons, practise and take exams.
How "Academy" works
Lessons with a native speaker
There are two courses available: "Business" and "Traveling". The courses are taught by native English speakers from Canada and the Republic of Ireland, respectively.
Уроки с нейтивом
Take the course step-by-step, or select the subject you need. Before the lesson begins, there will appear a separate window with words and phrases that you are going to need — remember them or add them to your dictionary.
Домашние задания
English subtitles
The courses are intended for intermediate students or students with a higher level: the teacher and students speak English only. Turn on the subtitles, if necessary.
Английские субтитры
Mistake correction
When the teacher asks a question, pause the video and try to answer it on your own. Incorrect answers given by students are crossed out with red lines in the subtitles — learn from others' mistakes.
Исправление ошибок
How "Teacher's Method" works
Step-by-step programme
Follow the path consisting of a sequence of lessons. Take the lessons, one after another, study the subjects, one after another. Your path in the Teacher's Method course is a direct sequence of lessons — from the easiest to the hardest.
Последовательная программа
Live teachers
Watch videos with explanations. The teacher will explain the information in simple terms providing examples that you can see on the blackboard.
Живые учителя
Practice included in the lessons
Each lesson includes practice, lots of practice! Listen to teacher's explanation and consolidate the knowledge you have acquired by doing one of the exciting exercises in which Harry Teacher the trainer helps you.
Тренировки в уроках
Tests and exams
In the end of the lesson, there is a test waiting for you. In the end of the topic (10 to 15 lessons) you are expected to take an exam. The test is to check how good you learned the lesson. The exam is to check if you learned the whole topic well, and whether you are ready to move on to the next topic.
Тесты и экзамены
Slow pronunciation of words
All the English words in the lesson come with translations. The words are voiced over. The "snail" button is for special slow playback of a word to learn its correct pronunciation.
Медленная озвучка слов
Aplikasi seluler
Step-by-step English courses with a virtual teacher. Select an appropriate level, watch lessons, practise and take exams.

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