ALF meets Grandma

koleksi: ALF
Diposkan 14 June 2018
Durasi video: 1 Min. 17 dtk.
Alf quite often risks to be seen. If someone comes to the house, Alf hides in the kitchen, and when someone stays longer, Alf has to move to the garage. In this video, Kate's mother Dorothy comes to visit the Tanners, and runs into Alf in the kitchen.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
adopted - pungutan
advice - nasihat
background - latar belakang
civilization - peradaban
come from - berasal dr
crazy - gila
easygoing - lembut
get along with - pergi bersama dengan
have a seat - silahkan duduk
laundry basket - Keranjang cucian
lighten up - meringankan
or something - atau sesuatu
to poke - menyodok
space - ruang
touchy-feely - touchy-feely
washing machine - mesin cuci