Band on the Run
(New Headway)

koleksi: New Headway
Diposkan 9 September 2018
Durasi video: 8 Min. 28 dtk.
In the new episode of "New Headway" series Matt is dealing with the consequences of having signed the contract without properly checking its content while the girls, Ali and Jane, are trying to figure out who have sent them the mysterious flowers.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
at least - sedikitnya
be in trouble - dalam masalah
brilliant - cemerlang
draw up - menyusun
face to face - empat mata
fall off - jatuh
favourable - baik
get behind - ketinggalan
get caught - tersangkut
go on - berlangsung
have a word - punya sebuah kata
make changes - membuat perubahan
pay back - membalas
pick up - mengambil
rent - sewa
to represent - mewakili
turn up - muncul
unpleasantness - persengketaan
what the hell - apa apaan