Blackjack card counting

koleksi: Permainan kartu
Diposkan 4 February 2011
Durasi video: 1 Min. 56 dtk.
This is a simple card counting method to play "Blackjack" game without losing track of the cards when trying to remember those that left the game. To better understand this video, you should know that in Blackjack, the name "Ten" is given to all the cards that count as ten, namely, ten itself, the jack, queen and king. Aces are valued as either 11 or 1, as per player's choice.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
an ace - kartu as
a bet - taruhan
to cancel - pembatalan
to count - menghitung
a deck - dek
double - dua kali lipat
to expect - mengharapkan
an explanation - penjelasan
to ignore - mengabaikan
to increase - kenaikan
to leave - meninggalkan
to mean - berarti
to memorize - menghafal
particularly - terutama
percentage - persentase
value - nilai