How to Design a Cross Stitch Pattern

Diposkan 25 November 2010
Durasi video: 1 Min. 44 dtk.
Vicki talks about how to make a pattern for embroidery using grid paper, if you have a picture with a sample. Of course, by this method you can make only a very simple scheme, but for this you do not need a computer and you can teach this method even your grandmother!
Kata yang direkomendasikan
a circle - lingkaran
come through - melalui
cross stitching - jahitan silang
to draw - menarik
a drawing - gambar
to fill - tanah dan kerikil pengisi
grid paper - kertas kisi
an outline - garis besar
a pane - kaca jendela
a pattern - pola
possibly - mungkin
a segment - ruas
a source - sumber
a stitch - jahitan
a straight - garis lurus
to trace - menjiplak