George Carlin on euphemisms
(part three)

koleksi: George Carlin
Diposkan 23 January 2017
Durasi video: 0 Min. 44 dtk.
Euphemisms are generally innocuous words and expressions used in place of others considered indecent or inappropriate. Euphemisms make our speech "softer", "embellish" the reality, and such words and expressions are present in every language. English is no exception; this language is full of euphemisms that only become more complicated over the course of time.

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Kata yang direkomendasikan
as simple as that - sesimpel itu
to conceal - menyembunyikan
contract killer - pembunuh bayaran
crime fighter - pejuang kejahatan
to depopulate - mengosongkan penduduk
disinformation - disinformasi
engage in - terlibat
freedom fighter - pejuang kebebasan
greedy - serakah
to invent - menciptakan
to measure - mengukur
to mention - menyebut
to neutralize - menetralkan
nuclear radiation - Radiasi nuklir
sin - dosa
smug - sombong
an unit - satuan
well-fed - gemuk