Fox dives headfirst into snow

koleksi: Binatang, Alam
Diposkan 3 December 2017
Durasi video: 2 Min. 37 dtk.
Winters in the north of the U.S. can be almost as snowy as in Russia. Foxes dwelling in the Black Hills mountain range in South Dakota exhibit some amazing abilities in searching for food in the cold time of the year. Enjoy this entertaining video and don't forget to learn some new English expressions!
Kata yang direkomendasikan
a blanket - selimut
to calculate - menghitung
catch - tangkapan
complete - lengkap
to cover - menutupi
a critter - makhluk
distraction - selingan
empty-handed - dgn tangan kosong
enormous - besar sekali
to hit - memukul
home in on - rumah di atas
hopeless - putus asa
immense - besar sekali
a leap - lompatan
a missile - misil
nearly - hampir
odds - kesempatan
pick up - mengambil
skill - ketrampilan
a target - target
throw off - melepaskan
a trajectory - lintasan
unbelievable - luar biasa
unless - kecuali kalau