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Being ‘hangry': is it a real thing?

Being ‘hangry': is it a real thing?

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Posted on 18 July 2016
When a person feels hungry, they often automatically get into a bad mood. In English, there is even a special term for this phenomenon — hangry (hungry + angry). Would you like to know why we get hangry?
Kata yang direkomendasikan
aggression - agresi
to blast - meledakkan
to burn - membakar
a calorie - kalori
complete - lengkap
a cortex - lapisan luar
to damage - merusakkan
damn - mengutuk
despite - meskipun
empty - kosong
expression - ekspresi
to fuel - mengisi dgn bahan bakar
gluttonous - rakus
hangry - hangry
a headphone - telepon kepala
let out - membuka
loud - keras
loved one - dicintai
merely - hanya
or something - atau sesuatu
personality - kepribadian
to provide - menyediakan
rude - kasar
science behind - sains di belakang
a stranger - orang asing
study - penelitian
to sweeten - mempermanis
totally - sama sekali

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