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Can you solve the giant iron riddle?

Can you solve the giant iron riddle?

продолжительность: 2:47
Posted on 2 March 2019
The family of giants you work for is throwing a fancy dinner party, but there’s a problem — the elder giant’s favorite shirt is wrinkled! To fix it, you’ll need to power up the giant iron. It needs two batteries to work, but the baby giant mixed the working battery pile with the dead pile. Can you test the batteries so that you get a working pair in seven tries or less??
Kata yang direkomendasikan
come to life - hidup kembali
dinner party - pesta makan
end up - jadi
failure - kegagalan
fancy - indah
a giant - raksasa
in total - total
iron - besi
look one's best - lihat yang terbaik
main course - hidangan utama
to manage - mengelola
a match - pertandingan
no matter - biar
order - urutan
a pile - tumpukan
possibility - kemungkinan
possible - mungkin
rely on - mengandalkan
remaining - yang tersisa
to repeat - ulangi
separate - terpisah
a set - set
set aside - menyisihkan
a solution - larutan
to throw - melemparkan

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