Show Must Go On
(New Headway)

koleksi: New Headway
Diposkan 28 September 2018
Durasi video: 13 Min. 6 dtk.
How will the “legendary” gig of the Broken Hearts turn out: will we get a chance to listen to Jane’s melodic singing once more or will we have to put up with Matt’s pitiful squeaking? And how about Bill? What will he choose: a promising career and a move back to New York or his budding feelings towards Jane? Find out in the final episode of the educational series “New Headway”.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
all of a sudden - mendadak
as soon as possible - secepat mungkin
break a leg - semoga sukses
come back - kembali
do one's best - berusaha sedapat-dapatnya
fabulous - menakjubkan
get back together - kembali bersama
go on - berlangsung
go together - cocok
help out - membantu
let someone down - biarkan seseorang jatuh
let someone know - beri tahu seseorang
make sense - masuk akal
nice of somebody - bagus untuk seseorang
no way - sama sekali tidak
point of view - sudut
provided - asalkan
right now - sekarang juga
sort out - menyelesaikan
the one and only - satu-satunya
the other day - belum lama berselang
the thing is - permasalahannya adalah