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What would happen if you were swallowed by a whale?

What would happen if you were swallowed by a whale?

продолжительность: 3:32
Posted on 10 August 2017
Have you ever thought of what would have happened to you had you been swallowed by a whale? Well, the authors of this video actually have! And not only they have thought of that, but also they have looked at this question thoroughly. Watch the video to know which whale you could actually become a victim of, and what exactly would happen to you in such a sudden situation.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
to decide - memutuskan
deep - jauh
entire - seluruh
especially - terutama
find out - mengetahui
first of all - pertama
force out - dipaksa keluar
go under - tenggelam
to happen - terjadi
huge - besar sekali
in the meanwhile - sementara itu
individual - individual
let alone - apa lagi
let's say - Katakanlah
make it clear - buat jelas
not bad - lumayan
not likely - tidak mungkin
on purpose - dgn sengaja
oxygen toxicity - toksisitas oksigen
pressure - tekanan
similar - serupa
spit out - meludahkan
to swallow - menelan
tear apart - mengobrak-abrik

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