Types of Cross Stitch Patterns

Diposkan 10 December 2010
Durasi video: 1 Min. 10 dtk.
There are different types of schemes (patterns) for cross-stitching embroidery. Viki recommends starting with the simplest patterns. Beginners can start with just straight lines that need to be repeated, and more complex schemes are letters, contours, and flowers.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
an artist - artis
basics - dasar-dasar
a border - batas
complicated - rumit
cross stitching - jahitan silang
fabric - kain
fill in - mengisi
a grid - kisi
a hoop - simpai
a needle - jarum
a pattern - pola
proficient - ahli
so that - sehingga
a stitch - jahitan
straight - garis lurus
a thread - benang