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The White Elephant: Clean

The White Elephant: Clean

продолжительность: 1:47
Posted on 14 August 2017
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today, Silia has bad news: the restaurant is scheduled to be checked by a health inspector and no one knows he will arrive. So they must collect take themselves and set the kitchen in order - even Gordon will have to behave!
Gajah putih
Kata yang direkomendasikan
a clean bill of health - tagihan kesehatan yang bersih
as clean as a whistle - sebersih peluit
at any time - kapan saja
be worried - khawatir
clean up one's act - bersihkan tindakan seseorang
do one's best - berusaha sedapat-dapatnya
get to work - mulai bekerja
have a word - punya sebuah kata
health inspector - inspektur kesehatan
it looks like - sepertinya
nothing to worry about - tidak perlu khawatir
pull up - menarik
shut down - menutup
spick and span - solek
spot check - pemeriksaan di tempat
start with a clean slate - mulai dengan yang bersih
the rest of - sisa
under the circumstances - dlm keadaan itu
what's the matter? - apa masalahnya?
where something is concerned - di mana ada sesuatu yang memprihatinkan

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