Diposkan 13 March 2017
The White Elephant: Resilience

The White Elephant: Resilience

продолжительность: 1:51
Posted on 13 March 2017
Continuation of the series about the unlucky restaurant. Today, Celia decides that something needs to be changed in the restaurant, otherwise they won't avoid bankruptcy. Mary is sure that everything is in Celia's power but Gordon, as usual, believes that he knows everything better.
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Kata yang direkomendasikan
according to - menurut
to afford - mampu
all the way - sepenuhnya
as hard as nails - sekeras kuku
as tough as old boots - sekuat sepatu bot lama
calculation - perhitungan
to cope - menaungi
a customer - pelanggan
enough is enough - sudah cukup
game old bird - permainan burung tua
give up on - menyerah
go on - berlangsung
impossible - mustahil
it is time - Ini adalah waktunya
long hours - berjam-jam
make changes - membuat perubahan
no doubt - sudah pasti
relentless - tanpa belas kasihan
to staff - mengangkat pegawai-pegawai
stay in business - tetap dalam bisnis
to strike - menyerang
think of - pikirkan
tough cookie - biskuit keras
tough love - cinta yang kuat

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