Inside Yemen’s Hand-Carved Rock Palace

Diposkan 3 July 2019
Durasi video: 1 Min. 19 dtk.
In Yemen, a country that is not the so popular among the tourist due to its political situation, there is a hidden treasure — an amazing in its beauty and unusual architecture building. Dar al-Hajar, or Imam's Rock Palace, seems to have merged with a high rock it is located on. This incredible symbiosis of nature and architecture is a real gem of the Middle East.
Kata yang direkomendasikan
to appear - muncul
to carve - mengukir
decoration - dekorasi
due to - disebabkan oleh
exterior - luar
lead - memimpin
a local - kereta api bumel
man-made - buatan manusia
otherwise - jika tidak
a palace - istana
rather than - daripada
a residence - tempat tinggal
rock - batu
a sanctuary - suaka
spiritual - rohani
a story - cerita
summer home - rumah musim panas
a well - sumur